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The goal of SAR is to locate, stabilize and extract individuals and animals that are lost or are in distress. That can mean a hiker on the side of a mountain, a dog lost in the woods, missing horses, an Alzheimer’s patient wandering city streets, you name it. SAR operations cover a wide range of searches helps a multitude of victims

What People Are Saying About US

Amazing! Found Sonic in 2 hours and saved his life. If he had not been found that day I’m sure he would not have survived. Karl and his team are wonderful people who are very dedicated and compassionate. We highly recommend them to anyone who needs their help.
Thank you BRSAR.

Sylvia Metz

Thank you for your genuine kindness and for sharing your experience and knowledge with us! My husband and I searched for our beloved hound for hours yesterday and today. It wasn’t until we talked with Black River that we put out items that smelled like us for our dog to catch “on the wind” and he found us! We really appreciate your knowledge and your willingness to talk us through the process over the phone. It meant a lot to feel that someone really cared! We are impressed and inspired by what this organization does! We have our sweet dog, Buckaroo, home again! We will definitely be making a donation and promoting you now and in the future. Thank you for making the world a better place!

Margy F. Peterson

PRAISE JESUS!!! After 4 days of searching we finally found our sweet little momma under an abandoned house (we already searched) and ALL 11 puppies are safe and doing well!! We have been praying so hard and our church said a prayer for us this morning and as soon as church let out we got a call from my mom who spotted her, followed her back and found the puppies! Belle is weak and tired. But sooooo happy to be home!!! So many tears of joy today! Thank you everyone who had helped us search and prayed for her and her babies!! We contacted Black River Search and Rescue Inc and they gave us the advice of putting out our dirty clothes outside…so we tried it and not 2 hours later she showed up!! I highly recommend if your dog ever goes missing, put your dirty clothes out!!

Stacey Tully

They are truly amazing people and are there with leading the charge and completely dedicated to helping our missing loved ones. They touched my heart in a way I didn’t know was possible. I can never thank them enough for leading the search for my son.

Christopher Navy

Awesome organization that helps the pets be reunited with their family either by helping with questions, tips, advice, or by coming out with their beloved bloodhound. I am so grateful and blessed by Karl and his team for helping me. They made me Lost Dog flyers and all I had to do was print them. I would recommend this organization to anybody who has a beloved pet missing. My baby is finally back home!

Erica M. Martin

Y’all! As the kids say “I can’t even.” My sweet dog, best pal, work buddy Gypsy went off into the woods on Sunday afternoon. She was dragging her retractable leash behind her so I thought I’d catch up and untangle her no harm no foul. Oh how wrong I was. The longest she had ever been gone in her 8 years was 2 hours. My family rallied and helped me comb the woods but no Gypsy. Friends stopped by and walked the roads but no Gypsy. Heartbroken, I cried without my sweet friend hoping she was okay but thinking of every horrible scenario. Meanwhile my mom was getting the word out on FB and you all started praying and looking out for Gypsy. Monday again we tried but nothing. I had read on the internet to hang out bedding and toys so of course I did that. Then on Tuesday a friend sent me a link to Black River Search and Rescue Inc a not for profit organization that helps find lost dogs. I messaged them and they immediately got back to me, asked me some questions and then put a literal laundry (pun intended you’ll see later) list of things to do. Half of the things I had already done but others like taking my dirty laundry and hanging it in trees in a cross quarter of a mile pattern from where I last saw her is one thing I hadn’t done. So off my dad and I went into the woods again to leave scents she would recognize. Still no Gypsy. The instructions provided also told me to put her harness, toy, tuffs of hair anything I could find with her scent in zip lock bags. I did this. On Wednesday morning Karl and Josh showed up at my house with bloodhounds Ginger and Dani from Black River Search and Rescue ready to look for Gypsy. They suited up and off we went with Ginger. I was so impressed with her she picked out the spots in the yard the day she went into the woods. She then went right to the spot where Gypsy went in and the trail started. Karl and Josh explaining to me things along the way and being so kind and understanding even in thick brush. Ginger found all the spots we had left items but then started in another direction. That all made sense to me because it was places Gypsy would have been before. We made it back out to the road and I was losing hope (if I had any left which is something God has really been working hard on in my life) we circled around a bit and then started down the tree line back towards the house. All this time I didn’t realize Ginger was still working, her nose was still searching for Gypsy. We were talking about ground temperature and then Ginger stopped and looked. Next Karl stopped and looked and said “hey puppy,” I turned expecting to see a neighbor’s dog but there she was my sweet GypGyp with 2 ears, 4 legs, no scratches and just panting away. I kind of said her name in shock and knelt down and she came right to me. I didn’t burst into tears b/c I was so shocked. Karl and Josh think she trailed us in the woods as we were walking the tree line. I cannot tell you how grateful to the community for looking out and praying for me and Gypsy. She is a dog but I love her so much. I also cannot tell you how amazing Black River Search and Rescue Inc really is. Karl and Josh and their sweet dogs were so kind and understanding and wanted to help find her. They taught me so much and I want everyone to learn these tips. I also want everyone to know about this amazing nonprofit organization in the Kershaw area community. They are based out of Camden, please go follow their page and if you have $5 to spare donate to them. To help other families be reunited with their pets. They travel long distances and short distances and are so kind. Not only were Karl, Josh and the dogs Ginger and Dani kind but Sarah who corresponded with me over messenger. She answered questions and showed me there was hope. I’ve linked them here. Thank you everyone who prayed, walked the woods, and kept their eyes peeled. God is so amazing and so kind to look after not only us but the creatures he has made. This is long and I’m sorry but I wanted to say thank you!!

Hope Bell

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The primary, ongoing mission of BRSAR is to provide pet and human SAR support whenever possible at low or no cost to the pet owner or family member. Our philosophy at BRSAR is that the focus should be on the dogs –the humans are just the drivers to get them to and from the trails.

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Born in December of 2009, Ginger, aka Ginny, was whelped as a liver and tan Bloodhound from Lucy and Jake’s one and only litter. Over the years, though, she has gradually shifted to a red color.Ginger is our lead dog and has helped train a number of young...

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Born in December of 2009, Ginger, aka Ginny, was whelped as a liver and tan Bloodhound from Lucy and Jake’s one and only litter. Over the years, though, she has gradually shifted to a red color.Ginger is our lead dog and has helped train a number of young...



Codi came to BRSAR with her littermate, Dani in the Summer of 2016, as young pups. While Dani mastered tracking quickly, Codi needed a little more time to mature. She knows how to track, but took a little longer to stay focused on the job at hand. She is showing great...

Karl’s Story

Karl’s Story

As a former Police Officer, Sheriff’s Deputy, Training Officer, SWAT Operator, and Canine Officer. He is a trained and certified SAR Tech with numerous SAR operations conducted with multiple different police agencies. He has worked numerous Police Canines and was...

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