Dani and her litter mate sister Codi were whelped in April 2016. They were donated to BRSAR after an exceptionally prolonged and difficult series of searches in the summer of ’16. Ginger was the only hound working with BRSAR at that time, and volunteers who worked tirelessly on that hot summer’s search saw just how much help she needed. So, these wonderful folks sought out a litter of pups in Tennessee, consulted with Karl on what to look for in a good pup, and made the entire trip in one day to bring the two “Hellions” to SC. Dani rapidly showed a very strong interest in trailing, and during her first “solo” track without Ginger leading the way, or even Karl being present, led her handler directly to a scared dog that had run from the fireworks at Bristol Motor Speedways. After a 6.5 hour drive! Since then, Dani has gotten stronger in her abilities and desire to work. She HATES to wait in the truck while the other dogs work. And while she loves to find and identify a lost dog or person, her alert is a quick greet and tail wag, then she is done with that one and ready to move on to the next one!