Born in December of 2009, Ginger, aka Ginny, was whelped as a liver and tan Bloodhound from Lucy and Jake’s one and only litter. Over the years, though, she has gradually shifted to a red color.Ginger is our lead dog and has helped train a number of young pups. She specializes in scent differentiation –determining if a lost individual’s scent is present. Ginny has hundreds of finds and assists in lost dog, horse and human cases.During her early training, prior to certification with the National Police Bloodhound Association, Ginger had only missed 2 of her first 73 practice trails! She had shown exceptional drive at about 6 weeks of age, to say the least! Ginny is also very empathetic to the moods of the humans around her. She is often found at a scene (or even on a break during a track) gently but firmly demanding attention from the most upset of the family members. Exceptionally outgoing–even for a Bloodhound-Ginny also works as a Mobility Service Dog, and a PTSD and TBI Therapy Dog in her “off”time, visiting the local hospitals, nursing homes and the VA Hospital.