Lucy was the Police Canine whose strong desire to keep working after she and Karl retired really started BRSAR. After a career of several hundred police arrests and SAR finds, Lucy found her post-professional niche in life searching for lost dogs, horses and humans. Lucy had an exceptionally strong maternal instinct that she passed on to her pup Ginger. Lucy was known to pick up puppies and even small adult dogs, carry them gently a few yards and set them down. At that point that was “her puppy”! She was always disappointed and highly distressed for a time when the “puppy” was separated from her. Lucy was never happier, though, than when she was tracking, and she was especially strong at trailing horses.Unfortunately, Lucy was killed in an incident in October 2015 at 12 years of age. Although nearly blind, Lucy had performed a successful and arduous track the month prior to her death.