Pippa was born in GA in November 2017. Originally obtained to be a pet after her first Mom had met Ginger on a track and fell in love with the breed, Pippa grew rapidly, and her mom, unfortunately began experiencing serious health issues. Unable to safely handle Pippa, or Pips as she is often referred to, her mom asked BRSAR to adopt her and determine if she would like to work. Spoiled and VERY willful, Pippa has a huge heart for everyone and everything, but a seriously stubborn attitude! But she is learning the rules of the house, and has decided that she wants to track as soon as you wake her up and convince her to get out of the truck…. She is a naturally skilled tracker, and typically an easy dog to handle and read. She has even worked gently in training with a 12 year old girl handling the lead. And so far, almost always right on her indications! Pippa’s sad eyes and easy going demeanor in public is seriously misleading. Her best friend at home is a Boston Terrier her own age, and when they are together, there is rarely a quiet moment!